Evelyn Ashamallah
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  About my work

1st period- after the graduation 1977
I began with simple pencil drawings as an extension of my graduation project which was searching in the metaphysic soul and the search for the impossible. and when I traveled to algeria , I worked on portraits with still life and landscapes, in an abstract way ( this was in small sizes ,black and white or colored drawings )

2nd period- 1984 - 1985
After I returned from Algeria, I returned to oil painting , in an abstract way using human and plant shapes.

3rd period - 1986-1995
Returning to the search for metaphysic and using distorted human figures mixed with animal and plant shapes.
In the beginning, I used wax colors and after that acrylic, oil painting and drawing..

4th period - 1996
Thinking in a childish free way, I used to play more: I always knew that art basically is the extreme freedom that could lead sometimes to play as a child.
This made my world full of details and gave my shapes different aspects.
This period continues till now .. but a little differently .

5th period- special period 2000-2003
I was intending to write about relatives and friends that I am not able to be with either because they are far away or because they have passed away .
Since I couldn't write all the details about these beloved people, I decided to paint them. To paint my feelings and my love towards them.
And what pushed me to achieve this project is what the world is passing through now :all these wars , unfairness and famines.
So I began drawing the people who gave me happiness and love , like my aunt ,my father, my father and mother in law, my neighbors and friends.
I tried to give them life again through my paintings.
I consider this period an exceptional one, different from my style in which I continue creating freely.

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